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Welcome to our Speaker

Phil Abernathy
CTO ZING, Entrepreneur and Executive Leadership Coach

Phil is a global expert in Business Agility with over 20 years of hands-on experience in this field, crafting and leading large-scale Agility transformations at companies such as Suncorp, IBM, Honeywell Aerospace and WFS.  

With a 40-year technical background, including as the CIO of Shell in Oman, Phil has been playing the role of CTO and Product Manager for a startup product called ZING ( since Nov 2019. 

Being at the delivery coal front, and living the leadership principles he preaches, has enabled ZING to deliver an end-to-end, vertical integrated SaaS platform for small and medium businesses, in less than a year.

Session Title:

Staying sane through a pandemic and delivering at warp speed

Phil will present the ZING story of how this startup went from a dream to a fully functional SaaS ERP solution in under a year, despite the pandemic. 

The story will cover aspects of product, people, process and platform that have to come together to be able to deliver a leading-edge solution at warp speed, despite full lockdowns and 75% of the remote team getting COVID.  

The Learning will be how to establish, leverage and run a hyper Agile setup in a changed, ‘fully remote’, world. What are the aspects that must be adhered to, what can and did go wrong, tips to deal with all the pitfalls and what outcomes can be expected. 

Format: Presentation, Q&A