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Welcome to our Speaker

Margarita Yonova-Popova
Agile Transformation Coach at Erste Group Bank AG

Margarita is an Agile Transformation Coach, part of the HR team at Erste Group Bank AG and has 9 years of experience in organizational effectiveness, change management, and cultural development.

In her role as an Agile Transformation Coach, Margarita has a strong focus on people, culture and leadership. She specializes in coaching agile teams and agile transformation initiatives beyond IT, predominantly in the retail banking area, HR and operations. She is highly passionate to support the HR evolution towards agile practices and mindset.

Margarita is co-founder of the Agile Hub at Erste Group as a community of practice to support teams on their agile journey and to raise awareness about agile across the organization.

Margarita is a strong believer that behind every successful organization there are great people with strong capabilities, courage and innovative minds. Therefore, she sees her purpose as an Agile Transformation Coach in enabling a healthy environment for teams to learn, co-create and collaborate in a better way.

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