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Welcome to our Speaker

Marcin Floryan
Director of Engineering at Spotify

A passionate technology leader creating an environment where people can apply their skills and experience working together towards a shared goal. Care about sustainable, continuous and frequent delivery of value and help teams take pride in the quality of the solutions they build. Sees engineering teams as complex adaptive systems and thus works by applying principles and practices from the domains of agile, lean, systems thinking, and similar to allow for the desirable outcomes to emerge in presence of sensible guiding constraints.

Striving to be an inclusive and compassionate leader who cares about creating an environment of psychological safety where failure is encouraged and used as an opportunity to learn, where people can fully be themselves and where diverse opinions are encouraged and conflict seen as a healthy opportunity for learning and growth.


Session Title:

Creating the right mindset for leaders engaged in growing and scaling organisations

Marcin will present a story about an approach to building software development capabilities in an

The story will introduce a context and background to help the audience reason about introducing
and nurturing change in an organisation. It will point to challenges inherent in wholesale adoption
of existing solutions and will present practical examples of evolving capabilities by tailoring specific
practices to the values and needs of an organisation.

The Learning will be around creating the right mindset for leaders engaging in growing and scaling
organisations and provide inspiration for embarking on your own path.

Format: Presentation and Q&A