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Welcome to our Speaker

Joe Justice
President at Agile Business Institute, Founder Wikispeed “Extreme Manufacturing. Agile in Hardware.”

Joe Justice is a speaker, guest lecturer at both MIT and Oxford University in England, featured in Forbes 5 times to date including as owner of a “Company to watch” by Forbes Billionaire Club, cited in more than 8 business paperbacks and hardcovers, the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary for his work creating the disciplines Extreme Manufacturing, Scrum@Hardware, and The Justice Method.

Joe Justice founded WIKISPEED and operated Agile@Tesla from Tesla’s Fremont, California global headquarters.

Session Title:

Agile Hardware

The CEO’s of Volkswagen, Bosch, Toyota, and Tesla all agree that speed of change is top priority. Joe Justice, inventor of eXtreme Manufacturing and operator of [email protected] during their largest stock price rise, will show exactly how agile hardware is conducted. Joe will discuss the benefits and hurdles to agile hardware. Joe will display the steps to implement from executive, management, design, engineering, test, factory floor, and more.


  1. How to increase speed, quality, and efficiency at the same time.
  2. How to increase happiness, willingness, respect, and enthusiasm in engineering and manufacturing culture.
  3. A complete New Product Development and New Product Introduction outline for agile hardware