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Erich Mahringer
VP Product Smarter Ecommerce

“I live and breathe products and start loving the design of organizations”. For more than 20 years in various product development roles Erich is dedicated to building products and organizations that excite customers. 

No matter if B2B-software (celum, smec), mobile consumer apps (runtastic), industrial sheet metal processing solutions (TRUMPF), you name it – challenges are similar and the goal is just one: “hit customer needs with your product”. 

Currently he is in charge of “Product” with the Austrian Marketing Automation Company “Smarter Ecommerce” also known as “smec”. Additionally he helps selected companies with the design of their organizations and leadership approach and create a

Session Title:

Killing Agile - Process and Structure Efficiency Junkies

Introducing Agile Frameworks is a straight forward job. The principles are easy, the processes are lean and the roles are clear. 

Why are still so many companies missing out in the successful and sustainable implementation of Business Agility in their organization?

Managers sometimes tend to optimize processes, structures, meetings, tools and lose the focus on what Business Agility is all about: Enabling the organization to build outstanding products and offer excellent service to their clients. 

You might profit from insights and take away some ideas on how to avoid pitfalls and put on your “Don’t Do” list. 

Format: Presentation + Q&A