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Welcome to our Speaker

Andre Shojaie
Chief of agile practices and continuous improvement at City of Montreal

Andre is a passionate transformational leader with more than fifteen years of experience in the public and private sector in contexts of enterprise transformations in Europe and Canada (regulatory framework, methodological framework, digital).

Andre is the founder of Humanlearn to help people and organizations to growth and deliver value through business and behavioral agility.

He is also a board member at Agile Montreal and DevOps ambassador at DevOps Institute.

Session Title:

Maximizing the time-to-value to Citizens

Andre will present a story about an approach to maximize the time-to-value in the public sector.

The story will introduce the context to help the audience understand the challenges that the public sector face to deliver better outcomes for citizens and he will present how to accelerate the time-to-value with a practical example.

The Learning will be around the value lifecycle by making the citizens a central part of this lifecycle.