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Welcome To Our

Conference Submission System

Our conference program is mainly compiled from invited sessions. On a case by case basis we are happy inviting contacts like you for providing us a session proposal.

Duration for a talk is limited to 20 minutes. From there interactive formats with participants will follow. Such as Panels, Q&A, Deep Dives, and possibly dedicated Speaker Corners.

We do not look for plain theoretical presentations (e.g. about frameworks, methods or practices).
Our main emphasize are outstanding hands-on stories, pointing to results and major learnings around the various aspects of Business Agility. If possible these are not limited to small organizational units but focus holistically on the impact on whole organizations. Please forgive us, we also rather look for stories from the perspective of a business, business functions and for example not so much from the perspective of agile coaches.

The Process:
We will happily review your proposal, come back to you in case of questions and let you know asap about our conclusion. The program is being filled on an ongoing basis. With this and with the online format, we don’t have an official deadline. But of course we don’t want you let wait for too long. All details about the overall design, possible inclusion of your proposal as well as preparation will take place a few weeks before the event.

    Preferred Timezone for Your Session (for timezones please see start page)

    We also invite and highly encourage you to submit content of yours. An article for our Magazine. And the best Magazine content will be selected to be published via a dedicated EBook after the conference. Details and link to submission here >