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We are super interested in your proposals for publishing an article on our Magazine here on our site. After the conference The Magazine will be merged into an Ebook and for this we will choose the most interesting content.


We can not guarantee to publish your proposal. But we guarantee to have a serious look at it.
And we are already very grateful for your proposal!

Your proposal has to deal with an aspect of Business Agility.

You have to be the author and owner of the proposed content. Should you reference third-party content, we also assume, that you properly quoted all sources (whether text, images etc.). Submitting your content, you agree, that any responsibility in relation to ownership and referring to third party content or IP remains with you. Any infringements of possible IP violations remain with you or any of your related third parties. We do not take over any responsibility in relation to possible IP infringements or copyright violations.

Assuming you own the publication rights, by submitting here, you agree and transfer the right to us, to republish your article here on this website and optionally in a later ebook. This does of course not at all change or limit your ownership or copyright in this content.