The Conference came to an end. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Stay safe, Stay Connected and See Soon Again!

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The story of agile practices at Dashlane.

We build a Password Manager, to help consumers and businesses manage their digital identity in a safe and user-friendly way.​ The story of agile practices at Dashlane is a series of iterative steps. As we grew as a company, we adapted our organization to our needs. We tried to learn from our past mistakes, and we did a lot and matured along the way.​ We are actually always looking for the right organization at the right moment, the one that provides us for the maximum efficiency and the maximum value for our customers and our business.​

Talk – 20 mins
Q&A – 20 mins
Breakouts – 20 mins

Also leading to the Conference we were happy hosting the Learning Series throughout February and March 2021. A variety of short and focused Online Sessions together with our Partners. Participation in all Learning Series Sessions was free.

Check out the recorded videos below.