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Haydn and FinHaydn and Fin

The Evolution of the Transformation Sprint

Format: Presentation

Haydn and Fin will tell a story about how the Transformation Sprint Method, evolved from their work in supporting transformations in a variety of organisations. The Transformation Sprint evolved from their work on Enterprise Flow where they observed a number of fault lines in how business transformations are designed and then executed. In response to this they began to work on the concept of a generative operating model, a way to tempt leaders away from one big bang transformation program towards creating a sophisticated learning environment so that their teams could figure out what the transformation really needed. Coupled to the new concept of a Lighthouse Project, this became the Transformation Sprint, a 4 week transformation design exercise that radically reduces transformation risk, setting up a platform for success..

The Story

  • How transformations are designed and how this contributes to the problems they encounter
  • The psychology of transformation design and why we are predisposed to designing them in the wrong way
  • Typical problems in transformations that you can use to quickly identify what will go wrong with yours
  • The concept of generative operating models
  • The design of lighthouse projects
  • How these fit into the agile sprint context for transformations
  • How to implement a transformation sprint

The Learning

  • Why we design transformations the way we do and why this is somewhat inevitable but almost always wrong.
  • How to spot these traits in your own design.
  • What it means to “plan” a target operating model and why this idea should give way to the generative operating model.
  • Designing transformations as learning experiences that carry very little risk.

About Fin Goulding
CTO Flow Academy
Twitter: @fgoulding

Year-on-year global top 100 CIO/CTO with extensive digital/agile expertise and a hands-on transformation practitioner, Fin is an accomplished business agility practitioner and one of the first CIOs to extend his area of expertise into agility for the business. He has worked as a senior IT leader at HSBC, VISA,, Travelocity, Aviva, and Paddy Power among others. An MBA lecturer, Fellow of the British Computer Society and the Irish Computer Society as well as the CTO and Co-Founder of the Flow Academy, FIn is the co-creator of the Transformation Sprint, which is the power behind our Enterprise Flow approach.  Co-Author of “Flow: A Handbook for Change-Makers, Mavericks, Innovation Activists and Leaders – Simplifying Digital Transformation”, “12 Steps to Flow: The New Framework For Business Agility” and the “Transformation Sprint: How To Solve Big Transformation Problems In Just 4 Weeks”.

About Haydn Shaughnessy
Head of Content, Flow Academy

Twitter: @Haydn1701

Haydn Shaughnessy has been researching and analysing enterprise operating models for two decades, in particular focusing on the growth of ecosystems as an epoch-defining, operating model shift and the development of new ways to work, and new forms of strategy to adapt to this. His latest book is Transformation Sprint, a handbook for applying agile techniques to operating model design and time-boxing the design of business agility to a 4 week sprint to avoid big project failure. He is an author and business advisor who has written for the Harvard Business Review,, and Strategy and Leadership among other publications, is a member of the Industrial Advisory Council of Maynooth University Business School in Ireland, the fastest-growing European business school, a founding member of the Center for Digital Transformation at UC, Irvine, a former platform advisor to the world’s backbone payment network SWIFT, and an advisor to small businesses in nanotechnology and AI.

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Feb 09 2021


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